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Real-time information

Real-time access to the fund statistics with automated deposits and withdrawals

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Fast transactions

Confirm your transaction in 10 minutes, anytime, anywhere

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Be your own bank

Use the platform to recieve, manage and send Bitcoins to any address

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All AMFEIX transactions are publicly registered inside a smart contract, keeping your personal info safe by using pseudo-anonymous addresses

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Local credentials

We don’t have your credentials, you store your passwords encrypted in your computer. You can always restore a wallet with the seed phrase.

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Bitcoin pseudo-anonymous addresses allow you to prove your identity without providing personal information

Why us

AMFEIX groups investors' funds into a pool that is managed by experienced traders on liquid exchanges. Our team of professional technical traders and analysts execute open market operations on a daily basis and make profits from the volatility.

The strategy has worked very well due to several reasons:

  • Risk management: The fund operates with strict risk management procedures to ensure that enough consecutive trades can be fulfilled in order to maintain an overall positive return.

  • Traders have a proven track record: Traders have multiple years of experience and have consistently beaten the markets in the past.

  • Security: The capital of the fund that is not traded is securely stored in multiple Ledger cold wallets, which keeps the security standards at the highest levels as we aim to protect our clients from any possible inconvenience

  • Customer service: Seeking to maintain the highest satisfaction possible among all investors, we have a specialized customer team that handles any issue that you may have within 24 hours.

Put your Bitcoin to work

Discover new investment opportunities administered by professional managers with years of experience. AMFEIX's fully decentralized platform is built along the latest cryptographic and blockchain technology, allowing you to develop your investments with the most robust and transparent pleasure available up until now.

Totally private investments are possible with our pseudo-anonymous credentials. Create an account in 3 steps without providing any personal information.

Earn 10% of your friends profits

Inside your account you will find your unique referral link; share it to your friends and automatically recieve 10% of all their profits once they invest.

No referral code needed, just ensure your affiliates create a new account using your link.

Once you start to see referral income flowing into your account, you can request a withdrawal that will be resolved within 24 Hours.

Our 24/7 support is ready to help you or to solve any issues that you may have.


  • Local wallet storage, nobody can hack your keys on our servers as they are encrypted on your device.

  • ECC Public and Private keys.

  • No central databases: all system information works over the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains.

  • Total transparency and guaranteed zero manipulation.

  • TLS encrypted communications.

  • AES - SIV local encryption.